参集殿(鳳龍殿)・参籠(おこもり)のすすめ About Sanshuden (Gathering Building) and Okomori (overnight stay)

参集殿(鳳龍殿)について About Shansyuden (also known as Horyuden)

The Sansyuden was opened in July, 1972. The building was built using traditional construction methods.


The building includes a Cafeteria, Large Gathering Room (Japanese style Tatami mat room with a stage, capacity of 200 people), Small Gathering Room (Japanese style Tatami mat room, capacity of 66 people), Shrine Office, Lobby, 23Guest Rooms, and Communal Baths (capacity of 10 people). From the baths, you can spot wild deer and monkeys, and beautiful sunsets across the ocean.


大参集場 Large Gathering Room

A large room located on the second floor of the building used for celebration feasts held after ceremonies, and for large group events. The eastern windows offer a view of Oshika Peninsula and the straits. Reservation is required.


参集殿ロビー Lobby


参籠(おこもり)について About Okomori (overnight stay)

From ancient times, all pilgrims traveled great distances to arrive at Kinkasan. Staying overnight at Oshika Peninsula and again at Kinkasan had always been a part of their journey. This was, of course, due to the limited transportation, but also became an important spiritual part of the pilgrimage. In the classic ancient literature ‘Makura no Soshi’, the author describes staying in a temple overnight as a ‘beautiful experience’. The coastline of Kinkasan is 26 km long, and an overnight stay is the best way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the island offers.


You can visit the unique stones and rocks where the priests used to perform ascetic practices, and many other breathtaking scenic spots.


All overnight guests can join the first prayer of the day (Ichiban Ogoma Kito), where a sacred chant (Oharae-no-kotoba) and fire is offered to the Gods.


We believe that a night away from everyday life, submerged in the enchanting nature of the island, will bring you not only a relaxing experience but also good fortune. We invite you to visit Kinkasan, a pilgrim’s destination for centuries.


参集殿各部屋の例 Guest rooms and facilities

Originally a place for prayer, we offer simple facilities and amenities. There is no TV nor hair dryer. Guests are requested to bring their own towels and toothbrushes. The room charge is 10,000 JPY per night. Dinner, breakfast and the morning prayer are included. Please make sure to book your stay well in advance.


FAX :(0225)45-2303


Please reserve lodging, meals and prayers through the contacts below:
Phone:(0225)45-2264 (Reservation only)
Email: kinkasan@cocoa.ocn.ne.jp

No fee is charged for cancellations caused by transportation delays due to bad weather.

The pictures shows one of the guest rooms (25㎡)


潔斎場(男女別大浴場) Kessaijyo (Communal Bath)

Both the men’s bath and women’s bath are located in a separate building, which is connected to the Sansyuden by a corridor on the third floor. The bath is not an Onsen (hot spring water pumped up from the underground) but uses the natural spring water of the island. You can enjoy the great view of Oshika Peninsula and the straits from the eastern windows.